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The main objective for the series of workshops were for  children and CSO’s to prepare the  6th State Party alternative report to the UNCRC.



The said workshops involved Consultation for Children on Mainland & Zanzibar (7th-11th Dec)  to draft & compile  children’s report on the status and implementation of children rights in the country (as observed by children).

Children were able to identify key deliverables/achievements/progress towards attainment of child rights for the past 5 years, challenges faced by children and  also provided key recommendations.

In their report, children addressed  key areas around education, child protection, health, and environment. 

Children were represented by members of the National Junior Council Committee of Tanzania, National Children Advisory Board of Zanzibar and children from special groups (street children, children with disabilities and Children living in residential care).

Children conducted constructive dialogues and were able to come up with their own report that will be submitted to UN in March 2020. This process started early February this year on both Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. Children were supported to develop tools (data collection tools) and collect information from their fellow children so as to gather information for the report.